Glass Crushing and Recycling Machine

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Glass Crushing and Recycling Machine

Waste Glass Recycling Operation

Glass is principally made by three types of raw materials: sand, silica and limestone. However, in glass recycling application, some of waste glass can be reutilized in the glass manufacturing process, such as making bottles and jars with the similar quality for numerous times. In glass recycling operation, glass crushing and recycling machine, glass grinding mill, glass separation plant will be involved.

Glass Crushing Circuit Design

When designing glass crushing circuit, several elements ought to be taken into account including potential supplies, demands, quality, and markets. The standard glass crushing operation might involve just a vibrating feeder and a crusher.

In accordance with various end products applications, a number of other kinds of machines will be required, for example jaw crusher for primary crushing, impact crusher and hammer crusher for secondary crushing, cone crusher for secondary and tertiary crushing. A few potential markets demand pretty fine glass powders as alternatives for other fine silica or dry clay.

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Recycled Glass Application

Recycled glass can be reused in glass manufacturing; recently it is also applied in aggregate. Despite some minor difficulties with stockpiling and crushing, the product is a feasible replacement to virgin aggregate at the current specification levels. For producing aggregate, the waste glass material or glass bottle will be collected for crushing. It has great significance to recycle glass, it not only save raw materials and energy, and save landfill space, but also lower the environmental pollution and provide huge volume of useful materials for many applications.